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High School program for competitive players

Our High School Program (U15-U18) develops competitive competencies for players during their high school years. This is an opportunity for players to take advantage of competitive play in the soccer community. The focus is team play, strategy, higher level individual skill development, and higher level soccer.

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  • $800 for spring season
  • Cost includes: 1 tournament fee, 3 training sessions, coaches fees, referee fees, entry into csa league.

Just as with High School teams at local schools, players will compete for a spot, and the emphasis in training will be on developing players that want to move on to competitive play throughout their time in High School and beyond.

The season for the High School program will complement team play with the athlete’s home school. The season will be either fall or winter (based on gender) to complement high school seasons.

All players in the High School program will work with paid coaches. These coaches have experience in competitive play and certifications in coaching and training players. High School players will have more weekly training than recreational teams, and they will play at home and away, competing against teams around the front range and in Evergreen.

Players will develop along personal goals, and we expect players to have a sense of their strengths and weaknesses, what positions they prefer and excel in, and areas they want to develop within their training. They should also be ready to advance in a team environment, learning how to better work with others to improve play.

Coaches will increase the level of competitiveness in this arena, encouraging players to develop their abilities to succeed in an environment where another player may covet their spot on the field.

The club will focus on creating the right mix of team, individual, and competition to create an environment where players thrive.


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