AIDX_3565dvanced program for competitive players

Our Advanced Program (U11-U14) is the competitive portion of the club which develops players who want to take advantage of competitive play in the soccer community. The focus is team play, strategy, higher level individual skill development, and higher level soccer.

  1. Paid coaches
  2. More weekly training sessions
  3. Games on a home/away schedule playing around the front range and in Evergreen
  4. Developing players based on their individual goals
  5. Developing teams to aspire to high level play
  6. Coaches focus on developing players in a competitive environment

Advanced Program – Boys and Girls (U11 – U14)

The Altitude FC Advanced Program is the area of the program that challenges players to grow technically, tactically, and mentally. We foster a very competitive environment within training to allow players to compete and raise their level of play. We want players and teams moving up the ladder in a very progressive manner and understanding the challenges and demands needed to play soccer at this level.

IDX_3176Within the Advanced Program there is a very detailed curriculum that standardizes the development of the players at these ages and prepares the players for competitive High School Programs. Players come into the Advanced program at U11 ready to learn the 9v9 game and start competing at higher levels and finish at U14 ready to make their High School team, eventually a college team and have been conditioned to compete and have a strong understanding what they need to give to the sport if they are going to continue to succeed.

The Advancement Program offers many layers of additional training as part of the program which include: Staff Training, Goalie training, Advanced Training Program, Forward Functional Training, Defensive Functional Training, and leadership training.


These registration fees include all coaches fees (except tournament per diem), CSA fees, Referee fees, EPRD field fees, and all Altitude FC Registration Fees. ALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO HONOR THE YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT. Once you accept your roster spot on the Advanced team, you thereby occupy a spot that was desired by another player. Therefore, by completing the registration, you agree to pay all fees associated for the full 2014-2015 Fall and Spring Seasons.


  • Register and attend tryouts.
  • Preseason Camp: Fall and Spring (Advanced Training Program) Included in Registration
  • Tournament play (3 per year): Cost of tournament included in registration fee. (includes tournament fee & approximate coaching travel expenses). Altitude FC recommended tournaments include Boulder Players Cup and Pride of the Rockies (mid August) in the fall, and the Pueblo Sunbelt Tournament (late February/early March),and the Real Cup (Memorial Day Weekend) in the spring.
  • Additional Tournaments: Presidents Cup, State Cup, and other Summer (Steamboat) and or 3 v 3 Tournament teams (additional fees)
  • Tournament fees will be divided among the total number of players on the team.
  • Uniform and equipment: Starting Fall 2015, all Advanced team players will be required to be in the new FULL NIKE KIT. Your team has the option of placing a group order for a discount, so please contact your team manager/coach if you are interested in this option.
  • Additional Travel: Varies by level of play, can include games all over the State (Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo, or Cheyenne, WY).
  • Sign the Club Commitment (full-year commitment to the teams and the associated full-year fees).
  • Sign the Advanced Team Player/Parent Expectations, Procedures, and Rules Contract.

Questions: Executive Director Mark Burfeind


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