Executive Director

Mark Burfeind

Building the Club from the ground up

Mark Burfeind, Executive Director

IDX_2982-markMark Burfeind has worked in leadership and coaching roles at Castle Rock Storm, Storm Corporate offices, Colorado Elite Soccer Club, and ran his own business in the Castle Rock/Colorado Springs area. In addition he has an MBA and brings a wealth of experience in moving organizations toward success.  Mark ‘s current coaching licenses include: USSF “B” , USSF National Youth, and NSCAA Premier Diploma.

One of the areas that Mark has his eye on already for Altitude is developing the programs for U9- U10 (the Academy Program) into a strong and vibrant program in preparation for kids playing either in the competitive program (starting about 11 years old) or continuing to play in the Developmental Program at Altitude. “I worked with Storm to build a program that really emphasized coaching, player development and focus on kids get better at this critical age. We believed that kids at this age are ready to take their next steps in development, but it takes a very specific and dedicated effort to help them truly reach their potential. That’s what we’re going to do here, at Altitude.”
Contact him at mark@altitudefc.org