COMPETITION Official Rules

All games will be played under FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by Colorado Soccer Association, unless otherwise stated in this rules package. All rules disputed will be settled by the Tournament Director or designee. Tournament rules may be modified under extraordinary circumstances as deemed necessary by the Tournament Director only. Any situations that arise not specified herein will be resolved or determined by the Tournament Director or designee, with knowledge of the Tournament Director.


Players must be legally registered to US Youth Soccer through their respective State Association in accordance with US Youth Soccer registration. Players may only play on one team in the Altitude Cup Tournament.

Each team is required to go through the Tournament Check-In Process in accordance with direction and/or approval of the Tournament Director.

All teams must provide 2 copies of their state and/or club-certified roster and Altitude Cup Tournament Guest Player Roster, if appropriate, at tournament check-in, as indicated below.

Birth Year Age Grp Format Ball Size Max Roster # of Guest Players Allowed Pool Play Length of Half (all half-times will be 5 mins.)
2009 U9 7v7 #4 12 3 (included in total of 10) 25 mins.
2008 U10 7v7 #4 12 4 (included in total of 12) 25 mins.
2007 U11 9v9 #4 16 4 (included in total of 12) 30 mins.
2006 U12 9v9 #4 16 5 (included in total of 16) 30 mins.
2005 U13 11v11 #5 18 5 (included in total of 18) 35 mins.
2004 U14 11v11 #5 18 5 (included in total of 18) 35 mins.
2003 U15 11v11 #5 18 5 (included in total of 18) 40 mins.
2002 U16 11v11 #5 18 5 (included in total of 18) 40 mins.

All teams must provide Medical Release forms for every player to be reviewed by tournament representative but kept by the team during entire tournament. Player passes are required for any teams in the 2017 Altitude Cup Tournament. There will be no roster changes and/or additions once a team’s first tournament game has started.

Referees will conduct a “quick” field check-in for equipment and eligibility prior to each game. All teams will supply approved tournament roster to the referee prior to the game, to be returned by the referee at the end of the game. Team coaches/managers are responsible to regain possession of rosters at the end of each game.


  • ·  Is the team listed first on the schedule
  • ·  Wears dark jerseys


  • ·  Is the second team listed on the schedule
  • ·  Wears light jerseys
  • ·  If the visiting team does not carry a light jersey, then the visiting team must change to a jersey of an alternate dark color that does not conflict with the color of the home team jersey

Either team’s goalkeeper shall change jersey color as directed by the referee regardless of home/visitor status. All players shall wear their jerseys fully tucked into their shorts.


  • ·  Hair control devices with any hard parts and jewelry of any sort, including earrings, belly or nose rings, are not permitted.
  • ·  Splints, casts, braces or other joint support devices which are not inherently dangerous, or are padded with pliable materials to eliminate a dangerous condition, may be worn as approved by the referee.
  • ·  All players must wear shin guards. Knee high socks shall be worn over to cover the shin guards. No player shall be permitted to wear any dangerous equipment, which may be determined by the referee at the pre-game check-in.

Both teams will be on the same side of the field, each occupying a separate half of the touchline. The spectators will be on the opposite side of the field across from their team. No spectators will be allowed on either end line or behind either goal.

The Home Team must provide the referee with a Game Ball. All balls will be regulation to the age group, as stated above.

Teams may substitute at any dead ball situation per FIFA Laws of the Game, with the permission of the referee. Substituting players will wait at the halfway line for admittance by the referee.

U9-U16 Play
U9-U16 teams will play in a Competitive format within their brackets. There will be player awards and team trophies for champions and finalists in each bracket.

Teams failing to check in within five (5) minutes of their scheduled kick off time will forfeit the game. U9-U10 teams must have a minimum of 5 players present and U11-12 teams must have a minimum of 6 players present to be eligible to play. To be awarded a win, a non-forfeiting team must present themselves to the referee for check in. The team must show up even if it is known that the other team will not appear. A forfeiture shall result in the awarding of three points to the non-forfeiting team with a loss and a negative two (-2) points to the forfeiting team. The Tournament Site Director may modify this rule under certain circumstances.

Termination of game by the referee due to behavior of one team in a match will be treated as an abandonment and/or forfeiture by that team.

5-minute half times

Winning team must obtain the game card from the referee and must deliver scores to the tournament site director tent at the field where the game is played. In the event of a tie, the home team must obtain the game card and deliver the score.


  • ·  Three points for a win.
  • ·  One point for a tie.
  • ·  No (zero) points for a loss.
  • ·  Minus two (-2) points for a forfeiture or abandonment of a game.

A player receiving a red card shall be expelled from that game, and may not be replaced, and is automatically disqualified from participating in the team’s next scheduled tournament game

Two yellow cards received in the same game by a single player results in a red card. The player is expelled from the remainder of the game and may not be replaced.

U9/U10 25 minute halves
U11/U12 30 minute halves
U13/14 35 minute halves
U15/U17 40 minute halves

A team fan or parent displaying unacceptable behavior will be sent off following the same procedures as those used for coaches. Unruly spectators may be asked to leave the tournament site by the Tournament Director or designee or the center referee.

Termination of a game by the referee due to the behavior of one team in a match will be treated as an abandonment and/or forfeiture by that team.


  1. Head to head competition
  2. Least number of goals scored against you.
  3. Most goals scored by you (max 3 per game).
  4. Sum of the goal differentials for games played up to three goals counted per game. This will be averaged for those teams playing an unequal number of games in the preliminary rounds
  5. Kicks from the mark.

SEMI-FINALS, AND FINALS ONLY (NO OVERTIME FOR PRELIMINARY PLAY) U9-U16 DIVISIONS If, at the conclusion of regulation play, there is a tie, 2 teams shall then play the following:

  1. 2 – 5 minute halves of overtime,
  2. GOLDEN GOAL RULE – if either team scores a goal during either half, it is sudden death and the goal ends the game.
  3. If still tied at the end of the overtime halves, the match will be decided by kicks from the mark, according to FIFA Laws of the game.


In the event of serious weather, the Tournament Site Director may suspend play. If games are suspended, all players, coaches and spectators must leave the fields. Play will be resumed when “ALL CLEAR/RESUME PLAY” is signaled from the Tournament Site Director. Teams must return to the field after “ALL CLEAR/RESUME PLAY” is sounded for further instructions from the tournament officials.

Teams will be expected to play their game at the scheduled time and location, regardless of weather,

unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Site Director.

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully. Teams must not leave the site until their coach has spoken directly with the Tournament Site Director, if games are called or postponed due to inclement weather. It is the coach’s responsibility to check with the Tournament Site Director (not field marshals or referees) regarding any game status at all times.

Should the suspension of normal tournament play occur, regardless of the reason, the following tournament rules shall apply:

A game result will be final upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination in preliminary rounds. For championship rounds the result may be final upon completion of one half of play, as determined by the Tournament Director, based on circumstances of game termination and resumption. The winner will be determined based on the score at the game’s termination.

If one half of play has not concluded when a game is called by the referee for any reason, the Tournament Site Director or designee will determine with the center referee if, and in what minute, the game will resume during the first half, as well as the length of the second half of the said game. The score at resumption will be as it was when play stopped.

The Tournament Director will make the final decision on all disputes regarding the suspension, termination and resumption of play in the best interest of the Altitude Cup Tournament and all participants. Should the Altitude Cup Tournament be cancelled for any reason once tournament check-in has taken place, Altitude will determine, in its sole discretion based on specific criteria, if any or all entry fees will be retained by Altitude or if any entry fees may be refunded to tournament participants. The decision will be made and carried out within 45 days of the termination of the tournament. Total refunds will not be more than 30% of Altitude Cup expenses in hosting/planning the tournament.


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